How will my image quality change when displayed on The Leash?

The final product is not photo realistic, but photo stylized. Your final image will appear much like a pointillist painting-- fuzzy up close and then crystal clear from a slight distance.

What are the best images to choose?

Images of your dog, you, or both, front-and-center without a ton of busy details or negative space translate best. Make sure you have good contrast for the best outcome, e.g., don't choose a photo of a white dog on a white background!

More info on photo selection here.

Will my ink chip?

We sublimate the images with high heat and pressure directly into the highest quality Nylon so your photos will be IN not ON the leash. Short answer- no! Our leashes, like all things, are not impervious to bleaching from the sunlight, so try not to leave the leash outside indefinitely for best care.

How do I wash my leash?

Any mild soap and water is fine!

Can I choose more than 10 photos?

Send us an email at SayCheese@PuppyBooth.com and we will do our best to accommodate you!

How long will my leash take to get to me?

Typically within a week, but as long as two. Each leash is handcrafted and made for you, so any delay is to ensure that the final quality of your leash is perfect!

Do you charge for shipping? 

We charge a flat rate of $4 for domestic shipping (anywhere in the United States) and $10 for international shipping!

Returns and repairs? 

Because every leash is made specifically for you (and your pup) we do not accept returns.  If you receive your leash damaged for any reason, please let us know ASAP by sending an email with a photo to SayCheese@PuppyBooth.com and we will be in touch.

Custom collaborations?

We'd love to hear what you're thinking! Email us at SayCheese@PuppyBooth.com and we'll be in touch.